It feels really good to start this blog on something so near and dear to my heart, especially it being my first written blog piece. It is going to be really awesome to be able to share the personal aspects of my life and business with you all as well as bringing in different type of content about styling and fashion tips too.

I have always believed strongly about supporting those around you when they need you, no matter what it might be. I have and will always go above and beyond for those closest to me especially my friends and family, who play a huge role in my life and in my business. I have always wanted to support a cause or give back to a charity. There are just so many and choosing one was quite difficult, so I left it until I knew the direction I wanted to go in.

My aunt Elloise was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2017 and has been on an 18 month journey since. She has dealt with invasive surgery and treatment that is insanely destructive to your body. Non the less she has come out stronger then she ever was and has taught everyone around her the power of positivity and strength. Elloise and I share a very special bond and having experienced her struggles first hand it really does change your outlook on life. As it goes when someone close goes through something tough, you do all you can to support them in their time of need, especially when one is fighting for their life.

I had many ideas to do collaboration with Elloise. I even thought it would be meaningful to create something with her while I sat with her in one of her sessions while she was undergoing chemo. Although it was never as easy as that! When you are there sitting in a room full of woman fighting for their lives, there are more important things going on in your mind then designing something lovable.

Almost a year later and couple weeks ago I knew that the month of October is globally known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Having come across so many woman that suffer with this disease, including Elloise I knew this was the perfect time. It was the perfect time to collaborate, bring awareness and the perfect way that my businesses could contribute.

Throughout Elloise’s journey the one thing that got her through it all was painting, it was her immediate therapy. We then decided on a beautiful floral artwork concept for this project. Personally, flowers constantly inspire me and Elloise paints them beautifully. I have always admired her talent painting flowers and I have my own personal collection that she has painted for me. Elloise exquisitely painted the artwork on our Ell Tee by hand. It took about 4 days to paint and execute it to perfection. I then transferred it to a digital format. At the back of the t-shirt we have embroidered a pink ribbon combined with gold flowers symbolizing hope. We now had the perfect artwork, the only thing missing was the perfect name! For those of you that don’t know, behind each of my garments the names are all linked to someone who has made an impact in my life. Our classic best seller, the Ella Tee is named after Elloise and we thought it would be fitting to base this new t-shirt off that silhouette, and that is how we came up with the new name the “Ell Tee”.

This collaboration is very close to my heart as Elloise means a lot to me and has impacted my life in many ways. We together want to bring awareness to those who are suffering and fighting this disease daily. It was a labour of love and we hope that this will inspire you to proudly wear our Ell Tee as much as Elloise and I did in creating it.

All funds made from the Ell Tee will go to the Cancer Association of South Africa fund –

With Love,


ALL THE BLACK FRIDAY DETAILS! 💕We will be hosting a Black Friday event, both online and in our studio. Please take note of the below details so you know what the event online and in our studio will entail 🗒💕📱
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STUDIO JOURNEY💕 It’s been happy year for my little growing business with many exciting changes that have happened within the year, especially now having my own studio
I had always dreamed of having my own space to work from other then the kitchen, lounge, bedroom and my favourite - the dining room floor! Working at home had its challenges with storing my growing stock. I always had planned to have an office space, but timing was never right and there were never any spaces close to home and close to my seamstress. I never thought I would have a studio space this year, it happened sooner then I could’ve imagined
Last year July I had a coffee date in the space I work from now, @6stationdrive. I remember sitting at the table, drinking my coffee and looking into the available space. I took down the details and made the enquiry. The space was double the size of what I have now so I knew it wasn’t going to work, but I was curious and had nothing to loose by asking. 7 months later towards the end of February I was planning to do a pop up event for the launch of my summer collection and was looking at venue options
I remembered the spaces in Station Drive and thought this could be a potential space to have a pop up and launch it on First Thursday, an event I personally enjoyed attending. I enquired again, the pop up was accepted and I was allocated the exact space that I was eyeing out, without even realizing. The space had now been divided into two studio’s, it was perfect. It was a great spot and an opportunity to style it as if it was my own little store
The pop up was only scheduled to be a few days, but then I got better news and was allowed to hold it down for a month. This would now give me a small insight of what I could potentially have in the future and what I could look forward to. The studio I was allocated was never available after my month was up so I knew that I would sadly have to say goodbye. It was a week before the pop up was ending and I received exciting news. The space I was in had become available and my landlord was thrilled to have me stay, if I wanted to. (continue reading in the comments below👇🏽)
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