I am so thrilled to have finally launched my new SS18/2019 collection. It has been a challenge only because I was worried that the floral was a major change for my brand and that the minimalistic colour pallet would be forgotten. I have always been drawn to neutral colours, floral prints and real flowers. They inspire me in so many ways and I knew I had to incorporate it into the Spring/Summer collection.

When I was younger I spent a lot of time with my gran who was always in the garden. If she wasn’t picking flowers, she was planting them. She would always give me these tiny pink roses that she grew in her garden, they have the most incredible fresh, floral smell. When I would leave her house she would always give me flowers to take home, and she still does this to this this day. This influenced me a lot when it came to loving flowers and having that connection.

Designing this collection and selecting the fabric prints wasn’t easy as I am extremely fussy and particular and always ensure that I truly love what I put out there. There are often times that I have to give in because the fashion industry is fierce and if I don’t provide the right colourway, or the correct floral print in this case, I could lose a customer. The prints I selected are a huge representation of who I am, as well as a representation of my customer and what I feel they would love. The fabrics have been sourced from the best suppliers in Durban, whom I know and deal with on a weekly basis. The fabrics have been made from blends of silk, which allow comfort on the skin and, most importantly, are breathable. All the new silhouettes have been inspired from my recent European travels (which I will write about soon) and have either been named after places that have inspired me or people I have met.

I hope that you are loving this collection as much as I do, I know that each of you that follow my brand and wear my clothes will look exceptionally beautiful in any of my pieces.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think of my collection! Please leave a comment with your thoughts and what even inspires you on our Instagram post connected to this story.

With Love,



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